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Branded Podcast Article in the Swiss Handelszeitung "GfM Marketing Special" on 26 October 2023


Listen. Imagine. Discover: The Impact of Branded Podcasts

How audio storytelling amplifies brand engagement and builds strong brand loyalty.


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead when it comes to engaging with their target audiences. One such emerging approach is the utilization of branded podcasts, which, in quantum leaps, is gaining significant interest and implementation. This summary deep dive about branded podcasts explores the impact of how this medium is revolutionizing brand engagement and cultivating lasting brand loyalty, whilst also filling the audio vacuum in the brand media mix, enabling customers to finally being able to hear a brand’s storytelling in their own podcast space.


Listen, everything begins with a story:

Hearing represents one of our primary senses, one that is literally ‘always on’ and representing our central channel to help us to stay safe and survive, because ultimately it’s better to hear the dinosaurs first before we see them! We learn how to listen before we learn how to see, and from listening we learn storytelling which enables us to communicate. Listening represents an incredible visual process, as everything we hear, we copy into pictures to make sense of what we are hearing. Thus, such an inherent human action explains why listening offers users the simplest and most flexible way to consume content, as listening allows us to concurrently undertake and be active with a lot of other stuff at the same time. Empiric neuroscience studies has shown that such parallel content consumption boosts up to 89% more impact of message, delivering a level of authenticity unmatched by any other media.


Captivating brand storytelling:

Branded podcasts offer a unique platform for brands to captivate their audiences through spoken storytelling. Unlike traditional marcoms channels, branded podcasts provide a more intimate and immersive experience, allowing brands to create a deeper emotional connection with their listeners. By leveraging this medium, brands can craft compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience, delivering valuable content that is entertaining as much as informative – all presented in the brand’s name.


Establishing thought leadership:

Branded podcasts allow companies to position themselves as thought leaders within their industry. By creating high-quality audio storytelling that share brand insights, industry trends, and expert opinions, brands can showcase their expertise and establish credibility. This positions them as trusted sources of information, leading to increased brand authority and the development of a loyal and engaged audience ready to share their discoveries.


Targeted marketing and audience reach:

Podcasts offer a highly targeted marketing channel, allowing brands to additionally reach specific niche audiences. By selecting the appropriate subject matter relevant to the brand’s market positioning, brands can ensure their message is more likely to reach the intended demographic. This precise targeting increases the likelihood of engagement, as listeners actively seek out content relevant to their interests, a development only fuelled by the hunger of today’s earphone generation for podcasts content, offering brands access to reach vast audiences.


Authenticity and trust building:

Authenticity is paramount in building trust with consumers, and branded podcasts provide an effective avenue for cultivating such trust – in fact no other medium generates more authenticity and impact of message than a branded podcast does. By delivering value-driven content rather than overtly promoting their products or services, brands can establish a genuine connection with their audience. Listeners perceive brands that produce podcasts as being invested in their interests, further strengthening customer’s emotional intensity of a brand by up to 40%.


Extended brand exposure and recall:

Unlike other forms of advertising, branded podcasts enjoy the advantage of extended exposure. Listeners often subscribe to podcasts and regularly engage with episodes over time, leading to repeated exposure to the brand's message. This consistent exposure reinforces brand recall and strengthens brand awareness, resulting in a lasting impact on the audience, explaining how brand awareness increases by up to 57%, and brand favourability by 24%.


Filling the audio vacuum in the media mix:

Brands continuously engage in storytelling across their chosen channels, whether following above- or below-the-line strategies. Presently this approach allows customers to only engage in the brand narrative by way of text, images, and/or video. By adding auditory experiences, brands expand the choices available to their customers and by default also fill the audio vacuum in their communications mix.

Moreover, the integration of branded podcast storytelling introduces new avenues for crafting genuinely authentic claim propositions and compelling calls-to-action across the customer journey, in many cases right up to the point of sale, where customers can effortlessly enter a brand's podcast offering through the use of QR codes, fostering immediate engagement, relevance and extending the brand experience.



Branded podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool in today’s modern, and exceptionally crowded digital marketing landscape, offering brands an opportunity to engage with their target audience on a deeper level. Through captivating storytelling, establishing thought leadership, targeted marketing, authenticity, and extended exposure, branded podcasts offer the potential to create a lasting impact, amplifying engagement, and building brand loyalty.


In an age marked by the relentless influx of digital content, consumers are actively pushing back, and increasingly dedicating time to seek out meaningful connections with the brands they support. Branded podcast storytelling emerges as a distinctive channel, offering audiences a moment of respite to fully engage and immerse themselves in their chosen brands.


Brands that seize the opportunities presented by branded podcasts will not only set themselves apart but also establish their authority and cultivate lasting, genuine relationships with their customers. The trajectory is clear: the inclusion of branded podcasts in the media landscape is poised for substantial growth, fundamentally reshaping the way brands connect with their customers in the years ahead.


Darryl von DänikenManaging Partner, BrandAudio Media

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